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White Diamonds

Quorra White Diamonds are sourced from all corners of the globe. Having long standing relationships with cutters in the major Diamond capitals such as Tel Aviv, New York, Hong Kong and Antwerp allows us to provide our clients with a selection of White Diamonds that suit every need and budget.

Cut, colour, clarity and carat are the terms used to define the virtues of a White Diamond and these are called the 4c’s. Jewellers have been using the 4c Grading System to trade and sell White Diamonds for decades, however, what the majority of them will not tell you is which is the most important virtue. Quorra believes that cut is the most important virtue. If a White Diamond is not cut correctly it will always look dull. It will not matter if you have a D coloured, VVS clarity Diamond, without total internal dispersion of light the Diamond will not sparkle. All Quorra White Diamonds of 0.50ct and above come with a GIA – Gemological Institute of America certificate indicating excellent or very good, cut, polish and symmetry.

When purchasing a White Diamond we believe the next most important virtue is colour. In the White Diamond Grading System the less colour a White Diamond has the better it is. We believe when considering a White Diamond you need to look at no less than G colour. The majority of Quorra White Diamonds are between E and G colour.

Clarity is the third virtue. We believe that SI2 is the lowest grade you should consider. You must not be able to see any marks with the naked eye. Under 10 x magnification we will show you the internals of a White Diamond and point out Mother Nature’s fingerprint where no two Diamonds are alike. However, keep in mind that if you do have internal fingerprints these can always be used to identify your Diamond. If you are considering an Emerald or Asscher cut White Diamond we recommend a VS1 as the minimum clarity rating.

Carat or the weight of a White Diamond is our choice as the last of the 4c’s. Keeping your budget in mind and with the other virtues in place, the size of the Diamond is your final virtue for consideration. As the wearer you should always feel comfortable with the size of your Diamond. There has always been the question of quality verses quantity. This is a personal choice.

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