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Wedding Bands for Men

Top 6 Go-To Wedding Bands for Men

Who says only brides get all the bling? Grooms now have a wide array of choices when shopping for wedding band metals –which can make the selection process somewhat intimidating. To simplify the search, the best way to begin is to learn about the metals used in making these wedding bands. This way you can decide which one is the right fit for your lifestyle and budget.

The most popular metals for men’s weddings rings are gold, platinum, palladium, silver, titanium, and tungsten. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, hence choosing the best metal type varies according to the groom’s lifestyle and personality. Traditional, mens wedding bands have been plain metal, wider and flatter than women's styles.

But remember you are no longer expected to go the traditional route. Both heterosexual and same sex couples have started looking for unique, bespoke rings. Men can now choose beautiful stones and diamonds, or add wooden, stone or other metal highlights. Many men are choosing new 'hidden' gems next to engravings on the underside of the ring. Same sex couples can look at matching rings or go for something completely unique. There is no reason to go for the traditional male wedding band look. JW Schwarz can work with you to bring your design ideas to life, with stones and metal within your budget.

In the meantime, here is what you should know about metals before buying a wedding band for the groom:


Many of the best wedding bands for grooms are made out of rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. In fact, gold is the leading metal for men’s wedding rings.

For added strength, all gold is mixed with other metal alloys as it’s extremely soft and suitable for daily wear. To denote purity, gold rings are measured in karats (k), for instance, pure gold is 14k while an 18k gold is about 75% gold.

The finest jewelries –including men’s wedding rings –should be bought in 14k or 18k. Any piece that’s below 14k gold means its purity is less than 50% gold.

  • Rose Gold gets its trademark hue from copper –mixed with pure gold to create this metal. Often used to create vintage-inspired men’s wedding bands, it’s also frequently found in mixed modern settings with yellow or white gold. Due to its pinkish color, rose gold typically looks more romantic. But don’t be fooled by its soft color. It’s actually the most durable type among all gold as it contains copper –a sturdy metal.

  • Yellow Gold is a classic choice that works as both modern and vintage men’s wedding band settings. While anyone can pull off a yellow gold wedding ring, it stands out more on men with olive or darker skin tones.

  • White Gold has a contemporary and cool look that complements rosy and fair skin tones well. It’s often considered the most timeless among all colors of gold.

Care: Gold is a soft metal so it will bend and scratch. Bands made from gold will need regular polishing and buffing as signs of wear-and-tear will begin to appear.


One of the rarest metals in the world, platinum is unsurprisingly also one of the most expensive metals on the Top6 list. At one time, this mirror-like metal was an extremely well-known metal for jewelry. However, it was later used for war, and when platinum was no longer used for jewelry, white gold was crafted as its less expensive equivalent. But since the late 90s, platinum was once again used as one of the leading wedding ring metals.

A pure platinum ring has at least 95% platinum and is stamped to indicate its purity, in the form of parts-per-thousand number. That it’s expensive makes it a luxe choice as it’s one of the strongest precious metals in the world. These rings will show minimal to no signs of wear-and-tear even when worn everyday. If your band is to take a lot of wear-and-tear, platinum is a practical and ideal investment. Plus, this metal retains its color well over time.

Care: It isn’t necessary to replate this metal to restore its original elegance. Its beauty will not fade which means you can enjoy its luster and shine for many years.


A close relative to platinum, palladium also features a similar white hue and high shine. Although not as durable, this metal is less expensive. For grooms who want the look of platinum and similar durability, palladium is a great choice. Rings made from this metal can feature engraved details, diamonds, or gemstones. Since it’s extremely versatile, this metal can take the wear-and-tear of an active lifestyle. Plus, because it’s so comfortable and lightweight, men often forget they’re wearing it.

Palladium is also among the few hypoallergenic metals available.


Also called sterling silver, this is among the most popular metals in the world. Many choose this option because of its reasonable price: it’s the most inexpensive metal that’s being used for crafting men’s wedding bands.

The affordability of this metal makes it very attractive but there are also drawbacks: it’s a high-maintenance metal which means it requires a lot of upkeep. It will tarnish over time and will need regular cleaning and polishing. It also scratches fairly easily, so you may see it dull sooner than you want.

While it’s not as durable and low maintenance as other metals, it’s the perfect option for those who are working with a tight budget. As silver has a white gold appearance, it’s a great way to pull off a high-end look on a budget.

5 TITANIUM has become incredibly well-known for men’s wedding bands in the past decades. It’s incredibly durable that it’s as strong as steel, but much more lightweight. Because of this, it’s perfect for men who live an active lifestyle. Titanium wedding bands for men often feature etchings, inlays, and other beautiful details. There’s an endless design option with titanium rings. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that’s great for you.

This metal has a silver-white metallic color that gives it a sophisticated, chic look. But that’s not the only color available for titanium. There’s the edgy, black titanium ring for those seeking an alternative.


Tungsten is a precious metal highly resistant to scratches, hence, ideal for men who work with their hands. Plus, tungsten never tarnishes –exactly the reason why so many low maintenance men love it.

These rings are available in black, white, and gray and are often designed with creative inlays like colorful opal or wood. You can also incorporate laser engravings, imprints, and other personalized details –which is why tungsten rings feature the most unique designs found on men’s wedding rings. Note that tungsten can’t be resized, therefore make sure you know the correct size before buying one.

With the wide array of metal choices for men, the ideal pick should be one that suits his lifestyle and personality. There are up- and down-sides to all metals, but they all can make the ideal ring. The metal that a groom selects should perfectly fit his hand, lifestyle, and budget.


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