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Understanding Pink Diamonds

We published this article a few years ago. Coloured diamonds are one of our trend picks for engagement rings over the next couple of years so we thought we'd revisit this beautiful stone.

Three important factors to understanding the colour of pink diamonds: Hue, Tone and Saturation.

HUE is the dominant colour of the Diamond. TONE is the amount of light or darkness in the Diamond. SATURATION is the strength of the hue. The more intense the colour, the more rare and more valuable the Diamond.

For fancy coloured diamonds, the ‘C’ for colour typically outweighs the other three ‘Cs’: Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. This is especially true when it comes to grading and value of Argyle Pink Diamonds, whose value increases according to the intensity of colour.

The presence of colour in Pink Diamonds remains a mystery. Scientists and gemologists believe that extraordinary pressure more than 160 kilometres below ground raised the diamonds to the surface. It has also been shown that the twist in the crystal is present in all Pink Diamonds, refracting light and producing colour.

While clarity and carat weight are key to determining the value of White Diamonds, they are less of a consideration in calculating the value of Argyle Pink Diamonds, where the focus is on colour and cut.

This is "Ottoline" from our Dress Ring selection

A Pink Diamond is approximately 20 times more valuable than its White Diamond equivalent.

The Argyle mine’s annual production of Pink Diamonds of over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand. The extremely rare Violet Diamonds would barely fill a teaspoon.

Just one tenth of one percent of the Argyle mine’s production is Pink Diamonds.

90% of the world’s Pink Diamonds come from the Argyle diamond mine.

Argyle Pink Diamonds offer an intensity of colour that is unmatched by any other Pink Diamond in the world.

Are you interested in setting a pink diamond for your engagement or dress ring? Contact us at JW Schwartz Diamonds and Jewellery for more information.

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