Jewellery Care

A few simple rules to follow to ensure your JW Schwarz jewellery always remains in  its finest condition.

We suggest you take your jewellery off when you get home at the end of the day. Find a safe haven and place your piece in a JW Schwarz jewellery box. As a minimum we suggest you remove any jewellery should you wish to garden, lift heavy objects or do gym work.


Jewellery requires cleaning as it collects skin cells, oils, dirt and grime. This means it won’t sparkle as much as they should. Use a small amount of detergent and water with an old tooth brush and clean under the stones this will help you keep your jewellery clean at home. For the best results please bring your piece back every six months for a full maintenance check and clean. This is a no charge service for all new JW Schwarz pieces sold.

Should you have an opal, emerald or pearls please keep these away from chemicals and detergents and allow JW Schwarz to clean them for you.

Accidents can happen so should you ever drop or give your jewellery a hard knock please contact us to arrange an inspection. We will check the diamonds or gemstones and the setting to ensure there is no damage.


As we have already mentioned accidents or theft can happen. We suggest you consider taking out an insurance policy on you jewellery with you preferred insurer or should you wish we have a proud association with QReport where they will be happy to provide a quotation to cover your new purchase.


All new JW Schwarz jewellery is covered by a life time from any manufacturing defect. Should you damage your jewellery in any way please contact us and we will discuss the issue you are having.

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