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Diamond and Jewellery Education

The purchase of a diamond or diamond jewellery is not only an expression of your love or achievements, it also represents a significant investment of money.

A diamond certificate is a report issued by some of the leading Gemmological Laboratories. Diamonds are examined by qualified and experienced diamond graders. Under 10x magnification using gemmological instruments, a diamonds true internal characteristic is reviled and these in term are noted on a certificate.

Today many diamonds have a laser number inscribed on its girdle giving you peace of mind that your diamond has been graded by professionals.

JW Schwarz Diamonds and Jewellery only use the World’s leading Laboratory GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Only the most reputable jewellery companies use GIA certification.

Please note that these certificates are for identification only and do not state any monetary value.

The 4 cs







Our conviction is that an educated purchase is a wise purchase.

Quorra adheres to the strict international standards of the G.I.A. We encourage you to research the industry and understand the temptation to “save” by purchasing over the internet.

However, before you make that final decision, please come and visit us. There is nothing that will replace hands on education and our experts can guide you through the process, revealing the pitfalls of internet or “wholesale” purchases, with a diamond education and demonstration second to none.


We will provide you with a transparent demonstration of the 4 C’s – colour, cut, clarity and carat weight – so that you can truly understand what these terms mean. This is an obligation free service; one which we can guarantee will leave you feeling confident in your choices.

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