Mother Nature determines all characteristics of a diamond except the cut.  The cut of a diamond is the only aspect man can control.  A diamond which has been finely cut will refract light and disperse a whole spectrum of colours and in turn will release its internal fire, brilliance and scintillation. We resolve to source only the most stunningly cut diamond for you to ensure its radiance and lively appearance.



Each diamond is truly exceptional because during formation some other elements may have become encased within the diamond and look like little clouds, crystals or feathers.  The presence of these little additions is Mother Nature’s fingerprints, and ensures your diamond has no possibly identical twin.  You are safe in the knowledge that your diamond is in fact unique.



Diamonds are distinguished by their colourlessness.  The untrained eye will find it is extremely difficult to set apart colour grades, especially after the diamond has been set in a piece of jewellery.  While a colourless or near colourless diamond is considered desirable by some, others will prefer the warmth of a diamond that has a slight colour tint.



The carat of a diamond refers to its weight and therefore size. A one carat diamond will often be more valuable than two half carats due to the rarity of larger diamonds. 

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