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Finding time to sit and discuss your ideas can be difficult. We will make time to come to your office or home allowing you to feel relaxed and not pressured in making a hasty decision. You can also book an online Zoom session for a no-obligation consultancy.

If either of these don't suit you please send us your ideas and we will send you rendered images and a 3D model which will allow you to see your dream ring come to life. 

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With over forty years' experience, JW Schwarz offers clients old fashioned customer service beyond any expectations, an education that is second to none, and a dedication to providing the finest quality pieces.  

For our bespoke design service we will patiently listen and understand your requirements and budget and work with you to create  apiece that is truly your own. You can also take a look at our gallery for some ideas. 

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JW Schwarz Diamonds and Jewellery use the latest technology to offer our clients an experience unlike any other jewellery company.


Developed over many years, CAD – computer aided design - allows you to see your dream piece come to life through rendered images and 3D models, allowing you to feel and experience the final proportions and intricate detail of your design.

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Bespoke Design

Repairs and Cleaning

Remake and Remodelling

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